Morana is an ancient Slavic goddess of death and winter. She denotes the end of frost and wintertime, rebirth
of nature. The name comes from mare or mara, a malicious entity in Slavic and Germanic folklore, associated
with nightmares and sleep paralysis. She rides on people’s chests while they sleep, surpresses them, bringing on
bad dreams.

In Poland she represents a demon of the winter, in Czech and some other Slavic languages she is regarded as a kind of elf or spirit as well as a sphinx moth or night butterfly.  In Russian traditions the name means a female
character, similar to kikimora.

Choker MORAna is a DIY analog instrument that senses vibrations of vocal cords. It is a set up of few piezo discs which detect audiovibrations through contact with solid objects and they transduce only structure-borne sound.