Initiative ČIPke

Č I P k e * is an initiative for researching the conditions for women who are active in the context of science, technology and media art. The goal is to open a space for conversation about women working in these fields and to organise practical educational programme including various workshops on electronics, robotics, open source programing, and the usage of open source programs for graphical design, video editing, sound synthesis.

* Č I P k e
1. čipke plur. n.: laces: a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern.
2. čip n. electronics: chip: an electronic component processed to have specified electrical characteristics in an integrated circuit.
3. čipke plur. n.: laces: a plural abbreviation of the name of mathematician Ada Lovelace who created the first algorithm intended to be processed by a machine.

It was founded by Saša Spačal,  postmedia artist working at the intersection of living systems research, contemporary and sound art, and Ida Hiršenfelder, archivist, sound artist and a curator, with the support of Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia and Municipality of Ljubljana.

ČIPke home base is Rampa [Institute Kersnikova] in Ljubljana, Slovenia.