Every Story Matters

Every Story matters [ESM] focuses on the creation of inclusive books for children and young adults and by doing so wants to engage a broader and more diverse reading audience. By increasing the number of inclusive books that is published and presented each year, ESM wants to invest in a culture of tolerance by gradually making diversity in children’s literature mainstream.
    Inclusion is equality of opportunity for everyone, regardless of their socio-economic or cultural background, gender, sexual preference, and physical or mental disabilities. By giving space to new perspectives and new stories, ESM is creating an artistic dialogue that matches the growing diversity of the European society.
    The programme which lasts from February 2020 until October 2022 guides six talented illustrators  and writers from six different European countries to produce inclusive stories for children and it includes a mentor who is an experienced author or illustrator with a large network, workshops, online masterclasses, residency and pitching the resulting stories to publishers at international book fairs [Zagreb, Frankfurt].
    Every Story Matters is a project supported by Creative Europe and in joint collaboration between the following partners:
  • Flanders Literature [project leader, literature fund supporting Flemish writers and illustrators and promoting their work abroad, Belgium]
  • Acesso Cultura [access to cultural participation, Portugal]
  • Blue Dar [education through entertainment, Syria/Germany]
  • JAKRS [Slovenian Book Agency, Slovenia]
  • Mediart International [promotes books, authors and reading Zagreb Book Festival, Croatia]
  • ROSE stories [independent storytelling house, The Netherlands]