Staša Guček is creating connections between various fields of art, technology and sound. She is interested in scientific illustration, analog electronics, bioacoustics, field recordings and grows affinity and care for the world of insects, fragile ecosystems and northern mythologies.

She is developing custom stand-alone analog electronic instruments and mentoring workshops. Analog electronic instruments follow principles of simplicity, unique design, home etching and reducing carbon footprint, transfering knowledge and making educational sonic tools.

She is a member of an experimental musical collective Kikimore creating ambiental noise sound scapes. Since the formation of the group in 2016 they have performed at over 30 locations in Slovenia and abroad.

Photo: Peter Žagar

  • Syntypes of Cicada, Diary of One Entomologist, Artist’s Book, House of Illustration, [Layer House, Kranj, May – June 2019]
  • Cicada, interactive collage, KAOS – Festival of Contemporary Collage [Layer House, Kranj, 5 July – 14 August 2018]
  • Sound installation, book presentation Slavne neznane, Nina Dragičević [Pritličje, Ljubljana, February 2017]
  • Theremin installation for Green Wall, group exhibition, Earth Without Humans II [Kapelica Gallery, Institute Kersnikova, Ljubljana; June 2017]
  • Theremin installation, Festival Kunigunda [Velenje, 23 – 31 August 2017]
  • Hydrofone, sound installation, Štrene – Annual Exhibition of Initiative ČIPke [Rampa Institute Kersnikova, Ljubljana; December 2017]
  • DeerAvatar, Štrene – Annual Exhibition of Initiative ČIPke [Rampa, Institute Kersnikova, Ljubljana; December 2016]
  • 12AvatarkČIPkarnica, group installation, City of Women [Gallery Škuc, Ljubljana; October 2015]
  • Nocturnal Animals [Synth Library, Pod Terebkou 15, Prague, Czech Republic; October 2019]
  • Sentinel of Arctics [Sonica Festival, Musem of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Ljubljana; September 2019]
  • MOTHeremin [Musem of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Ljubljana; February 2019]
  • MOTHeremin, [7th Wild Hags Festival, Cerkno; March 2019]
  • MOTHeremin [Rampa, Institute Kersnikova, Ljubljana; April 2019]
  • Set of workshops based on touch responsive instruments for Secondary School of Perfoming Art, Theater and Drama for a production Sex Education or Lets talk about Sex [Rampa, Institute Kersnikova, Ljubljana, January – February 2019]
    • Theremin – Simple electronic circuit of Theremin
    • Sonogib – Arduino Piano
    • Sound Reliefs – contact microphone set up
  • Theremin [Festival Kunigunda, Velenje; August 2018]
  • Theremidi Orchestra analog instruments – Touch Tone, MicroNoise, Super-In-Low with Ida Hiršenfelder at Mini Festival Synth day [Loka Castle, Škofja Loka; October 2017]
  • Noise Box, Initiative ČIPke [Rampa, Ljubljana; June 2017]
  • Blinking City of Women [Factory Rog, Ljubljana; October 2016]